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Kalamazoo, Mich. – PeoplePlus Software recently donated its cloud-enabled supply chain automation tool – iM3 SCM Suite – to Western Michigan University’s (WMU) Center for Integrated Supply Management, providing students experience with the type of cloud-based technology that is quickly forming the future of supply chain management.

The donation also directly supports WMU’s emerging student-led supply chain management group, ‘Bronco Source’ (a new division of ‘Bronco Force’) – which works with local Kalamazoo-based businesses to procure better purchasing options, materials, sourcing and transactional support. These local partner companies will have access to PeoplePlus Software’s revolutionary tools, including the iM3 SCM Suite, which is known for its ability to solve the many communicative, organizational and mobility problems facing supply chain departments in small and large companies worldwide.

“The iM3 SCM Suite from PeoplePlus Software puts breakthrough supply chain management capabilities in the hands of WMU students, while providing businesses in Kalamazoo and the surrounding area with an intuitive and highly versatile supply chain solution,” said Ashwani Narula, President and CEO, PeoplePlus Software. “In addition to ensuring the successful adoption of the latest supply chain technologies and trends in Michigan-based businesses, the partnership will help fuel economic growth and increase job prospects for students graduating from WMU’s Center for Integrated Supply Management.”

People Plus Software's iM3 SCM Suite offers solutions for all aspects of supply chain management, including inventory management, fleet maintenance, purchasing, mobile scanning, invoicing, and more. With many tools tailored to suit each business and others applying to a wide range of supply chain functions, iM3 SCM offers an affordable solution for small businesses, while providing students with valuable experience.

Local Kalamazoo-based businesses participating in the program with WMU and PeoplePlus Software include:
• Command Electronics,
• Dunkley International,
• Tibbs Brewing, and
• Brite Eyes Brewery and Café.

PeoplePlus Software has a demonstrated track record of working with Michigan-based businesses to provide custom-fit, cloud-based solutions to their supply chain management needs. For example, Reefer Services, Inc., in Hudsonville, Mich., uses iM3 SCM to better organize their service vehicles and replacement parts. By scanning work orders, organizing the parts on a service vehicle and then delivering to the customer, Reefer Services knows exactly where the parts are located, how many are in stock and which parts are needed, without wasting time repeatedly taking inventory.

The iM3 SCM software also facilities communication across suppliers, manufacturers and distributers, ensuring each group has complete visibility across the supply chain. This provides each entity in the chain with a complete understanding of when materials and parts are ready to be delivered and what is required of them. This capability has assisted Livonia, Michigan-based Performance Assembly Solutions become a certified parts supplier to Ford Motor Company.

The local businesses in the Kalamazoo area participating in the program – with assistance from the students in the Bronco Source team -- will have the same applications available to them as they look to streamline their own manufacturing processes, stay in closer contact with suppliers and clients, and manage parts and supplies.

In addition to its software donation, PeoplePlus Software development engineers also provide training hours to students and WMU faculty to enhance their learning. With hundreds of supply chain management students graduating every year, they gain not only cutting-edge knowledge but also familiarity with Michigan-based businesses. The goal is to encourage these high-potential students to stay in Michigan after graduation, providing a further boost to the state’s economy.

Learn more about Bronco Force and WMU's award-winning supply chain program at


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