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Getting the right product to the right place at the right time requires solid communications between your customers and suppliers. Doing this effectively requires proven processes that maximize the efficiency of personnel and resources. All this adds up to better cost control and a stronger bottom line. iM3 supports effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) with a powerful suite of tools that automate major business functions.

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Inventory Control iM3 fully supports even the most complex inventory control environments. iM3 seamlessly manages:

  • Product inventory quantities & inventory costing.
  • Hard and soft reserves, minimum / maximum stocking levels, & automated re­order functionality.
  • Lot tracking, inventory history, & hazardous or controlled materials.
  • Receiving & put away functions.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) & alternate parts.

Procurement iM3 includes fully automated and integrated purchasing tools including Accounts Payable Purchase Order creation and management, flexible invoicing (on product use or product receipt), and full EDI/XML Interface to in-house accounting systems or suppliers.

Vendor Management iM3 provides powerful vendor analysis tools including: Total spend by vendor, pricing and discounts, overall budgeting, and delivery / quality performance.

Warehouse ManagementiM3 supports an unlimited number of warehouses, storerooms, stockrooms, and picking stations with built in functions for receiving, putaway, and picking. 

Facility & Asset Management

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM) is a broad, multi disciplined activity that dovetails key processes and assets within an organization. FM/AM encompasses many aspects of the physical environment of any business, including building infrastructure, manufacturing and support equipment, housekeeping, hazardous materials, and the scheduling and maintenance of these resources.

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iM3 Cloud supports your Facility & Asset Management functions by comprehensively tracking:

  • Location, condition, and value, of all assets.
  • Usage schedule and utilization.
  • Warranty status and expenses.
  • Maintenance requirements (preventive and corrective).

Further, iM3 maintains inventory records for all indirect (MRO) inventory and resources required for support and maintenance activities.

iM3 features a robust Work Order module that schedules, tracks the status, and maintains a history of all preventive and corrective maintenance tasks. Further, repetitive tasks (including parts lists, skill trade requirements, and work instructions) can be created in advance.

These powerful yet intuitive features improve the function of any business by proactively estimating and scheduling downtime for repairs, improving the availability of needed parts, and streamlining the scheduling of skill trades – all which support better and more cost effective decision making. 


Managing shipping and receiving schedules is critical for any manufacturing or distribution organization. iM3 provides robust tools to ensure that your products are shipped on time and arrive at their destination on schedule. The iM3 logistics application provides:

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  • Forecast receiving to help anticipate dock load, and improve receiving manpower and warehouse allocation.
  • Track and evaluate logistics partners to the Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN’s), providing a summary of on time performance and notification for corrective actions, resulting in higher accountability.
  • Validation of which Purchase Orders have been acknowledged and notified. This helps in maintaining the procurement process to insure timely delivery.
  • ASN status compared to PO’s with notification for non-receipt based on a predefined timeline to improve communication and adherence schedules.
  • Plant level visibility to view department-specific scheduled inbound freight and carrier information to improve communication and scheduling.
  • EDI transactions and hosting. 


Maintaining an effective production environment is mission critical to any manufacturing organization. A proactive approach can help to minimize downtime and improve overall effectiveness. iM3 supports manufacturing environments with a powerful suite of tools that include the following:

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  • Shop floor Management.
  • Preventive maintenance management for both facilities and production assets.
  • Flexible Automated work order Scheduling.
  • Monitoring of asset condition.
  • Tracking costs of parts and labor.
  • Scheduling tasks and employee assignments.
  • Estimating down time for repairs and maintenance.

Warranty Tracking: iM3 Cloud maintains a warranty history for both manufacturing assets and manufactured product. Records include meter readings, historical detail of warranty status and usage, and cost history for all warranty contracts.

Personnel Management: iM3 Cloud maintains schedules and performs time accounting for maintenance and skill trades personnel. Maintenance tasks and instructions are created along with the work orders and the corresponding parts and labor usages are tracked for reporting and analysis.


Purchasing and procurement is the gatekeeper for minimizing costs and controlling cash flow. PeoplePlus iM3 helps automate and optimize your procurement strategies in many key areas:

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  • Tracking of minimum / maximum inventory levels.
  • Accurate calculation of average usage and lead time based on product history.
  • Automatic replenishment reporting and Purchase Order generation based hard and soft reserve quantity, min/max inventory, and actual product usage.
  • Hierarchical review of purchases (creation, review, and approval).
  • Tracking of long/short deliveries and actual lead times based on vendor performance.
  • Identifying low cost / high performance vendors of similar products.
  • Performing “what if” analysis for adding customers / product lines, or adjusting to vendor price increases.
  • Vendor contracts and quantity price breaks.

The iM3 procurement solution helps streamline your process by providing the procurement team with the tools and hard statistics needed to make informed decisions.


Warehousing is performed by almost every organization, and represents any process that stores inventory for future use in including manufacturing, distribution, facility management, or office operations. “Warehouses” can vary from standalone facilities measured in thousands of square feet to hallway closets. There are only three ways to save money warehousing products:

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  1. Accurate one time transaction captures
  2. Reduce footsteps
  3. Reduce touches

Though this may sound simple, many organizations have not implemented processes to proactively support these goals.

Accurate One Time Transaction Capture:

At minimum, some type of data capture device is needed at the point of transaction. Capturing transactions on paper and then performing manual data entry is a big disadvantage, introducing major opportunities for error. Using barcodes or RFID tags helps to dramatically reduce the potential for error. Capturing the transaction in real time increases accuracy and provides instant feedback to the Supply Chain system.

Reduce Footsteps:

Warehouses are often designed to waste footsteps by using a fixed location stocking system. Random put away, direct to dock put away (cross docking), and other methods can help improve efficiency. Sending warehouse staff down long rows of stocking shelves and empty bins is a missed cost savings opportunity. PeoplePlus iM3 provides powerful tools to help optimize warehouse operations. From barcode printing / scanning capabilities, to random put away, to optimized picking algorithms, to alternate warehouses such as supply closets, industrial vending machines, or service trucks, iM3 can support all of your warehousing objectives.


Product Engineering Healthcare Product Development with multiple technologies,. Agile Methodology, Complete SDLC Support

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Testing Independent Software Testing with multiple testing tools such as Selenium, QTP, Mercury etc., Manual & Automation Testing

Mobility Transform Legacy Application to a rich UI mobile Apps on native IOS/Android, HTML5/Windows

Interoperability Healthcare Interoperability services for HL7 based interface engines such as Mirth, Clover Leaf

Business Intelligence & Reporting Complete end to end BI for any health facility with financial, ops & clinical BI

Professional Services Staff Augmentation services on EPIC, Cerner, Meditech. Development, Program management, testing, Support


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