Manage the day to day transactions needed to run your supply chain, warehouse, or distribution operations.
    Connected via the cloud and accessible on the go. On a device of your choice.
    iM3’s Yard Management Software Application is designed for any sized operation and helps manage and provide visibility to your operations to better track equipment, assets, organized truck and trailer, container, and rail car activity between the outside walls of your facility or customer yard, the fence line and outside parking areas.
    Transforming Supply Chain for the “Now Economy” – engage your customer base with an order processing solution to support the demanding B2B and B2C needs of today’s global economy.
  • iM3 3PL
    iM3 3PL bridges the gap between you and your customers by giving them the ability to view, track and create transactions against their inventory at any given time.
  • The Future is Now
    The growth of technology in today’s globally connected economy is at an all-time high. We believe that it is extremely important to keep learning, innovating, and developing new solutions. Learn More about iM3’s advancements into Block-Chain, Predictive Analytics (and maintenance), Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Beacon technology and more!

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology PEOPLEPLUS SOFTWARE'S IM3 SCM SUITE| Cloud-Based Supply Chain Applicatons

IM3 SCM is incredibly extremely powerful and innovative.

PeoplePlus Software’s iM3 SCM is a cloud-based Supply Chain Management Suite to automate warehouse, inventory, order, and repair management. iM3 SCM Suite includes software tools and its integration with latest hardware to manage business on the cloud, mobile phones/tablets, streaming devices, scanning devices, IoT & Beacons, Machine learning,
AI and Analytics.

StrategyPPS team visits your facility and conducts an in-depth business process study in order to understand, communicate, and identify challenges encountered by every department and each and every key individual.
PlanningOur team works with your management group to review our strategic goals and plan findings to plan the implementation schedule, set milestones, identify a dedicated project manager and organize weekly meetings. We understand that bringing on a new solution requires changing the day to day culture and operations. Our group of experts are very hands-on and adapt to the specific role of your employee during training.
BuildThis stage focuses on mapping our findings from earlier stages and building and developing a solution that fits your business. We don’t sell a solution and walk away. We focus on creating a BETA test environment and working with our client’s key staff to test live day to day operations and provide initial training to ensure requirements and standards are met before the software is truly live. This stage also involves identifying further customizations required.
Your IM3 Application"Power of Delivery"

Who is IM3 SCM For?

Our team has partnered with and implemented various IT solutions in several of the following industries and businesses, however, PPS iM3 SCM is ideal for any organization of any size and industry.

Software Features & Benefits

Fleet Management

Mobile workforce automation – automate your fleet services. iM3 Fleet Management allows you to effectively utilize your mobile workforce. Create, prioritize, and assign customer work orders internally to your employees based on their current location, expertise, schedule, availability and work-load. Manage your fleet inventory, fully integrated with main warehouse SCM application. Fully integrated with Google Maps.

Go Mobile!

Supply Chain at your fingertips – through iM3 SCM Lite, manage your warehouse operations on our mobile platform fully compatible and available on both iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets. Advanced mobility tools allow your workforce to increase efficiency and productivity which drives cash-flow and profitability.


Setup your eCommerce business, fully integrated with our SCM solution, or integrate with third party tools such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Walmart and more. Easy to use processes, catalog management, customer orders, inventory management, shipping – manage your warehouse distribution operations.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory updates! Monitor and manage inventory levels at all locations. Manage all inventory processes inside your warehouse, including: cycle counts, yearly inventory updates, stock replenishment, tracking, transfers, issuing, putaway, and more. Segment and organize stock by channel or business unit. iM3 SCM tracks and updates inventory based on usage, order management, replenishment, and counting.

Customer Support & Training

Dedicated account manager & 24/7 technical support team – data migration assistance, software consulting and onsite help available, software training videos available on YouTube and compiled within software or available upon request, software training manuals, online webinars, schedule one on one training meetings with support specialists and more!

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Excel based downloadable and editable reporting available throughout the software. Access to database of in-depth reports, module based, customizable web reports, dashboards, identify your key performance indicators, and build your own reports with application.

Automated Contracts

Set up and manage your customer servicing, preventive maintenance, rental & leasing contracts. Setup auto billing/invoice generation based on preferred time period (monthly, weekly, quarterly, annually, etc.). Fixed periodic invoices or invoices based on meter reading, mileage, and usage. View reporting, profitability and costs to help determine key decisions, such as renegotiation on contracts, etc.

Asset Management

With a robust asset management solution, easily set up and maintain customer and self-owned asset and equipment information. Automate common processes, compliance management, perform work, change and incident management. Manage install, repair, servicing, pm, and warranty jobs. iM3 SCM gives you the ability to manage the life cycle and history of your assets using a single, integrated platform.

Better Automation Through Integration

Our team at PeoplePlus Software understand that there are many popular products that are crucial to your day to day operations. Our software can seamlessly integrate with any platforms offering API’s, including the ones below:

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