iM3 Advanced Analytics

PeoplePlus has focused on the Supply Chain Management (SCM) industry for nearly three decades, which is the foundation of iM3 Advanced Analytics.

iM3 Advanced Analytics helps optimize supply chain through the use of modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), Data-Mining, Predictive Analytics and Computer optimization.

Step 1 – Data Cleansing and Mining

One of the biggest challenges for our customers in the equipment services industry is the unavailability of clean data at the time of migration. They are not able to optimize supply chain process because the data is generated at multiple points and entered by various employees, the data quality cannot be easily improved at source. iM3 Advanced Analytics uses inbuilt AI Algorithms to identify data issues and improve the data quality to the level where the significant transparency on the businesses is gained.

Step 2 – Demand Forecasting

Based on data analysis, we build weekly demand forecasts which enable companies to visualize and identify the core problems and take the appropriate action required, ahead of time. In order to build optimal supply chain management strategy we tailor iM3 Advanced Analytics to specific business processes and factors that affect demand. Predictive Analytics significantly improves demand forecast accuracy and suggests better allocation and replenishment strategies.

Step 3 – Process Optimization

This step is about helping people on the ground in making decisions based on the forecasted information. iM3 Advanced Analytics can help you with suggestions on where to increase or decrease inventory in order to be very efficient, this is achieved with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.