iM3 SCM Suite helps service providers or OEM’s to manage Warranty, Extended Warranties, Service Contracts or Warranty Updates or Warranty Recalls:

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
  • Setup and Issue Warranty on sale of Product, Asset or Equipment
  • Extended Warranty, sale of extended warranties for OEM Products, Asset or Equipment
  • Service Contract, distributors/service providers generally issue extended service plan to compete with OEM’s
  • Standard Warranty (or Extended) Repair Tasks: Fault Code, Task Description, Time and Parts to be replaced
  • Create Warranty WO Template
  • Warranty or Extended Warranty Work Orders
  • Outsource Warranty Work Order, Submit Warranty Claims
  • Process Warranty Claims


iM3 SCM Suite provides insight into wealth of data be it Service History of PM or Service Contracts, Warranty-Standard, Extended or warranty updates, Equipment usage, repair costs and equipment usage and its performance. Based on servicing data, standard fault/repair code’s and warranty workorder the current warranty issues can be identified, serviced and the future asset failure can be projected. With the application of AI, Machine Learning and RPA, part or equipment failure, setup and process Part or Asset Recalls and streamlining the warranty claims processing will benefit all stakeholders which includes, OEM Suppliers, Dealers, Service Providers and Customers and will help reduce warranty processing costs significantly.