Warehousing is performed by almost every organization and represents any process that stores inventory for future use in including manufacturing, distribution, facility management, or office operations. “Warehouses” can vary from standalone facilities measured in thousands of square feet to hallway closets.

There are only three ways to save money warehousing products:

Though this may sound simple, many organizations have not implemented processes to proactively support these goals.

Accurate One Time Transaction Capture

At minimum, some type of data capture device is needed at the point of transaction. Capturing transactions on paper and then performing manual data entry is a big disadvantage, introducing major opportunities for error. Using barcodes or RFID tags helps to dramatically reduce the potential for error. Capturing the transaction in real time increases accuracy and provides instant feedback to the Supply Chain system.

Reduce Footsteps

Warehouses are often designed to waste footsteps by using a fixed location stocking system. Random put away, direct to dock put away (cross docking), and other methods can help improve efficiency. Sending warehouse staff down long rows of stocking shelves and empty bins is a missed cost savings opportunity. PeoplePlus iM3 provides powerful tools to help optimize warehouse operations. From barcode printing / scanning capabilities, to random put away, to optimized picking algorithms, to alternate warehouses such as supply closets, industrial vending machines, or service trucks, iM3 can support all of your warehousing objectives.