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Our iM3 SCM Suite delivers complete functionality to meet the day to day challenges faced in the Supply Chain industry. We understand that SCM is all about providing the right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time.

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)

Solving the challenges of your Supply Chain Operations iM3 SCM Suite

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)

iM3 SCM Suite is an Integrated Supply Chain Management solution to organize and automate Supply Chain, Distribution, Warehousing & Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Work Orders, Service Contract or Warranty Management, Purchasing, Sales Orders & E-commerce, Assets & Equipment Management, Integrated to various software packages and technologies. iM3 SCM Suite is a cloud enabled SCM solution with includes mobility, scanner-based applications, work priority applications, attendance time and labor recording, TV dashboard applications and more.


As a cloud-based solution, iM3 can be implemented without significant investments in IT equipment or staffing. All information and data are automatically updated and accessible anywhere through any Internet-enabled device. iM3 customers benefit from significantly improved cash flow, increased accuracy and timeliness of invoicing, inventory control, reduced inventory cost and real-time sales orders, work orders, and invoices. As a highly customizable solution, iM3 supports your entire operation – please see the software modules below.

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)


  • Inventory Control & Management
    • Our team has helped many clients perfect, track, and manage their inventory by putting in automated processes where errors tend to occur.
  • Product Requirements & Purchasing
    • Real-time inventory updates allow you to keep a tight handle of your fast-moving inventory. Setting up seasonal mins and maxes as well as reorder quantities help you determine your ordering cycle. Through our product requirements screen automate your purchasing process – our product requirements screen automatically displays any inventory falling below its minimum quantity and suggests a reorder quantity based on several metrics. After determining what you need to order, with a few clicks an automated Purchase Order can be generated and immediately sent to your vendors.

  • Sales Order
    • Manage the order from the initial quote, picking, packaging, order and delivery.
    • Partial Pick and Partial Invoicing features available; Set your backorder preferences and continue to generate multiple invoices as products become available.
    • Customer Management - manage customers, contacts, credit limits, charging options, pricing matrix, mark-up + discounts, shipping/billing addresses, invoice automated delivery via email, fax, etc., departments.
  • Supplier (Vendor) Management
    • Manage all supplier communication, maintain and upload vendor pricing/contracts, easily create PO’s, vendor ratings/scorecard, compliance, ASN’s
  • Asset Management
    • Manage, track, service and record pertinent information about customer owned or self-owned equipment or assets. Our asset tracking program is interlinked with our mobility applications which allows you to access a variety of information such as service contracts, preventive maintenance, and warranty information.
  • Warehouse Management
    • Manage multiple facility operations with ease using iM3 SCM. Key warehouse processes such as receiving – manage receipt of goods against Purchase Orders or ASN’s, barcoding, labeling of items and locations, disposition of goods, cross docking and returns. Putaway items by scanning inventory to their respective bin locations. iM3 SCM provides flexibility and gives the user the ability to set up their inventory (by individual items or parts) to automatically be putaway to their respective bin locations and made available to use once the item has been received or has gone through the verification process of printing labels and using mobile computer scanners to scan the final destination (as often times this location can be changed, so it is important to scan bin locations). Our putaway program is fully integrated with barcode scanning and labeling.
Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)

Inventory Management

Provides the Warehouse/Inventory Manager the tools necessary to manage multiple warehouses in single/multi facility as well as for 3PL, the set of Mobile/scanner features including receiving, picking, put-away, shipping, replenishment, put-back, core-returns, cycle count, consignment inventory, etc.


iM3 procurement and purchasing management provides visibility for product requirements and automates the purchasing process. Other features include Min/Max Set up, Automated suggested reorder, Vendor Contract management, One Click Purchase Order generation, PO Releases and more

Vendor Management

Provides the Supply Chain manager tools to manage and rate vendors, vendor communication, ASN, PO & PO change orders, Inventory view, Vendor Ratings, Compliance, Vendor Contract and more

Sales Order

Manage Customers, Contacts, Credit Limit, Charge options, Price Matrix, Mark-up/Discounts etc. Manage Quote & Sales Order for Equipment, Units, Inventory, Special Items, manage Counter Sales, Warehouse Picking, Issues, Delivery, eCommerce to download orders on to system from external website, pick, ship & invoice

Work Order

User can manage various Manufacturing, Installation, Repair to manage operations including Production, Outsourced WO, Work Orders/RO’s to manage Retrofit, Install, Repair, Rework, Warranty Management or Recall WO.  Customer Quotes for Equipment Installation and Repair etc., easily create work orders and track your employee labor times by scanning employee badges on to work order using barcode technology, internal labor rates/charges are managed as per the customer or specific work order job; create tasks for your employees or for specific jobs that automatically add parts as a bill of material; through the work order module you can also control/assign employees to a specific work order (feature also available through mobile app).

Fleet Management

Mobility, allows the service organizations to manage call dispatch, work requests, field service. Fully functional mobile app tools to assign Work Orders/Repair Orders, Customer Yard Scan Equipment, Create WO/RO, check history, Request Parts, complete WO/RO, input/voice Notes and more    Fleet Management, manage technicians & fleet, Mapping, Fleet Tracking, Work Priority in the field

Service Contracts

Setup Service Contracts for Preventive Maintenance, Rentals, and Service WO.  Auto generate monthly or periodic Customer Invoice’s for Service Contracts – fixed monthly or invoices based on meter reading, millage, IoT real time reading and more.  Manage Service Contract Profitability, Invoicing, Cost.  Analysis on Service Contract, Assets and more

Asset & Facilities Management

Provides Facility Manager with information concerning assets and its maintenance, preventive maintenance and notifications of events related to the asset to help track and reduce costs.

Warranty Management

Manage Warranty on the Equipment, WO/RO, Parts, Labor, OEM Warranty, Extended Warranty; Warranty WO, Warranty check, check unit History and more; Setup OEM Recall, Recall WO etc.

Robotic Automation Process

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the areas of Field Service, Call Dispatch, Asset tracking, PM, Financials Vendor Bills processing, Customer Invoice processing and more

Yard Management

Yard Management application helps customer such as 3PL/Dealer Distributor’s/Distribution companies to manage their Yard to Check-In assets/trailers, equipment etc., inspection, start work order’s, move from parking to a Dock for unload or loading or move to service Bay for repairs, installation etc., complete movement of asset/equipment within the Yard, check-in, check-out process, temperature monitoring, equipment monitoring, IoT,  dock/bay priority app and more

Project Management

Manage your Customer Jobs, Orders through RFP, fixed price jobs, construction jobs etc., using Project Management; Assign Project Contract value, Cost and margins; assign and manage WO, PO, SO, invoicing for a project to manage the P&L, progress and more

Mobile Application

Access your application anywhere, manage Assigned, In-process and Completed Jobs; Inventory Look up, Parts request, WO/RO Template for quick transaction creation, purchasing on the go, create or download Work Orders, time entry, parts, invoicing, barcode/QR code scanning, customer approval and more

Business Analytics & Reporting

iM3 SCM is integrated with industry leading JReports, the tool helps customers build Dashboards, Web-reports, Embedded & ad-hoc reports, Self Service SQL report, Powerful Visual Analysis Tool