Well-established business processes are critical to the success of any major software implementation. From point of sale to shipped final product, the efficiency of the business processes drive the final success of the project.

The PeoplePlus team draws from decades of specialized experience in implementing practical SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions. We know the challenges and how to avoid expensive pitfalls in implementation. We excel at finding those details of opportunity that lead to cost savings and improved efficiencies.

PeoplePlus uses a time tested methodology consisting of carefully facilitated meetings and/or workshops to develop a clear vision relating to function, economy, and timing of the project. Our trained facilitators keep this effort short and succinct in order to focus the joint project team to the task at hand. Our methodology consists of five related steps:

Facility (FM) & Asset Management (AM)
  • Establish Goals What needs to happen? How can we measure our success?
  • Collect and Analyze Facts Deepdive steps in process data required to support each step and opportunities to improve process based on facts to be gathered.
  • Uncover and Test Concepts Based on the facts at hand, what can be done to address the goals of the project?
  • Determine Needs Which concepts can and should be done? What does this mean in terms of function, economy, and timing? What specific improvements can be made to the infrastructure and/or processes?
  • State the Problem Develop an executive level project plan that succinctly frames the project moving forward.

The result of our Process Study addresses the process being studied in sufficient detail.