Managing Shipping and Receiving schedules is critical for any manufacturing or distribution organization. iM3 provides robust tools to ensure that your products are shipped on time and arrive at their destination on schedule. The iM3 logistics application provides:

  • Forecast receiving to help anticipate dock load, and improve receiving manpower and warehouse allocation.
  • Validation of which Purchase Orders have been acknowledged and notified. This helps in maintaining the procurement process to insure timely delivery.
  • Track and evaluate logistics partners to the Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN’s), providing a summary of on time performance and notification for corrective actions, resulting in higher accountability.
  • Plant level visibility to view department-specific scheduled inbound freight and carrier information to improve communication and scheduling.
  • ASN status compared to PO’s with notification for non-receipt based on a predefined timeline to improve communication and adherence schedules.
  • EDI transactions and hosting.