With iM3 Project Management you now have the ability to manage, organize, and monitor your company projects for various customers within iM3 SCM Suite. This module allows you to manage several projects at the same time and receive timely updates with a quick glance.

Manage & Organize:

Assign a team member or project manager to manage the account and track progress and updates live. Whether it’s Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Service Contracts, Invoices, Repair Orders, Vendor Bills, the iM3 Project Management sorts and organizes all transactions in one location within the project. All transactions are hyperlinked for quick access of information and transaction view.

Project Management


Quickly track your total estimated cost on the project, contract value, purchase cost, materials consumed, total invoiced amount, labor cost, and labor hours invoiced. Your Profit and Loss breakdown is also updated live as transactions are created for that particular project.