A smart application right in the hands of your customer!

The iM3 Consumer shopping cart mobile application (SmartCart) is an interactive technology that works hand in hand with our POS system. With the evolution of technology and information through smart phones, your customer expects instant user-friendly shopping experiences that make their overall experience unique, easy, and fast!

Key Features:

  • Build your own shopping cart
    • Predefined orders or Smart Orders allow you the user to quickly copy past orders or favorite items (daily coffee order, sandwich, or monthly grocery shopping items)
    • Scan items as you’re picking them up. Through the mobile application the customer using the barcode can scan items with their phone and add them to their shopping cart ahead of time before they even arrive to the checkout counter.
  • Paperless
    • Receipts, Past Order history, and current orders are all maintained for the user within the mobile app and can be emailed by order.
  • Pickup Orders
    • Order ahead of time and have it ready at a desired pick up time
  • POS Integration
    • Whether you’re at a drive through or picking up your items inside of the store; you can simply arrive at the checkout station and scan your shopping cart (each order has a unique QR code) and walk out.
  • Unlimited Payment Integrations
    • We integrate our solution with the payment gateway of your liking! We have integrated with several popular solutions such as SquareUp, PayPal, ApplePay, Google Pay, etc.