Purchasing and Procurement is the gatekeeper for minimizing costs and controlling cash flow. PeoplePlus iM3 helps automate and optimize your procurement strategies in many key areas:

  • Tracking of minimum / maximum inventory levels.
  • Accurate calculation of average usage and lead time based on product history.
  • Hierarchical review of purchases (creation, review, and approval).
  • Automatic replenishment reporting and Purchase Order generation based hard and soft reserve quantity, min/max inventory, and actual product usage.
  • Vendor contracts and quantity price breaks.
  • Identifying low cost / high performance vendors of similar products.
  • Tracking of long/short deliveries and actual lead times based on vendor performance.
  • Performing “what if” analysis for adding customers / product lines, or adjusting to vendor price increases.

The iM3 procurement solution helps streamline your process by providing the procurement team with the tools and hard statistics needed to make informed decisions.