Kiosk Employee Attendance Mobile App

The daily attendance of your employees, technicians, warehouse workers can be captured using our iM3 Employee Attendance Mobile Application designed on iOS and Android Devices.

Kiosk Mode

Set up a device within your facility that will allow your staff to simply scan their employee badge when they arrive in the morning and scan out when they leave. Data can be viewed and sorted by individual employees through iM3 SCM Cloud (main application on the cloud).

Computer Station

Attendance can also be recorded by attaching a USB scanner to your computer and scanning employee badges using the iM3 SCM Cloud solution.

Beacon Technology

Another smart integration using beacon technology can be deployed by automatically recording attendance using smart phones and updating when an employee has entered and left the vicinity. Small Beacons can be set up within your facility to interact with our mobile application and detected when the specific device is within your office or facility. Please contact us for more information on this technology at